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Love- Dolls Never Die

This is a recreation of the late Bob Carlos Clarke’s last London Exhibition in 2004. This landmark exhibition was the first time he had embraced the digital revolution and was his first show in London in 12 years.

In discussions about the exhibition he said “My new show is the antithesis of everything I have ever preached. I’ve gone for brutal clarity & intense manipulation. It’s a complete fusion of old & new technology: Traditional darkroom ”wet“ processes and state of the art photoshop retouching. The files are huge and are going to be printed 5 foot high.”

For the exhibition one complete set of very large prints were made, eventually to be available in an edition of 9 and smaller “trade” edition of 100. Due to his untimely death very few prints were made and signed.

The Entire Collection of Exhibition prints was acquired at the time by a private collector who has now consigned them to

- Fantasy Females Are Impossible To Satisfy

- Faithful Unto Death

- Sex Kitten

- Automatic

- For Dolls That Do Dishes

- Nookia- Total Control

- Men Have Feelings Too

- Domestic Appliances For The Modern Housewife

- Tease Maid

- Unexploded Female

- Femme Fatales Threaten Family Values

- Infanta Electronica

- The Tinsleys & Their Au Pair

- Dream Tea- Wind Me Up

- Adult Females Attack Without Provocation

The photo above is called Adult Females Attack Without Provocation. It is available in 2 different formats:large print (43“ x 56”) dry-mounted on aluminum and accompanied by signed numbered certificate.

This large format print comes in its original exhibition frame. Although the announced image edition in this format is 9, this is the only known print signed by the artist.

Price £21,625

Delivery 2 weeks

Small format print (24“ x 36”) signed and numbered on the recto by the artist. They are numbered out of 100. In most cases only 12 or fewer were produced and signed by the artist.

Price unframed £8,225

Delivery 2 weeks

Price Framed £8,570

Delivery 4 weeks

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