Posted by: London UK | December 8, 2007

Day 17 - 40 Year Old Whisky

Rare & Prestigious WhiskiesOnly 180 people live on the island of Jura, and rather more deer. It has one pub, one shop and one malt distillery. But it does have 2 famous dates in its history. One is 1984, the book written on the island by George Orwell who was briefly a resident. The other is 1966, when on the 12th November, the distillery, under the nose of the master blender, distilled what has become the most distilled what has become the most exclusive bottling of Jura ever released.

This was always going to be rare since the intention was to produce a Highland-type malt different from the typically peaty whiskies of the western isles. Pure spring water, tall elegant stills, American White Oak with some Oloroso sherry casks, a unique microclimate, and the skill of our Master Blender, combined to make this difference.

The result is just 98 bottles of a rich golden amber, very rare malt.

You’ll initially detect pine nuts on the nose. Heather and hazelnuts are also present, with marzipan coming through. The taste is complex and intriguing being medium-bodied, nutty and spicy with liquorice and a hint of cinnamon. Isle of Jura 40 years old is a malt which not only reflects the character of the island of Jura, but captures its spirit of 40 years ago.

£549 from Selfridges or airport shops.

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