Posted by: London UK | November 19, 2007

Day 36 - Classic Vamp

bittersweetFor the trendsetter, Bittersweets (New York) have designed a necklace aimed at the man in your life.

Solid silver necklace which moves as you move. Two garnets are set in the top fangs, which bear the taste of your last victim.

Approx £240 from Liberty

About The Artist

Bittersweets NY was created in 2002 by a girl who used to work at a foundry, welding and finishing art for famous people and housewives. In order to pay expensive NY rents she found a warehouse in Long Island City where she could live cheaply and still bike to work. The ground floor was home to several night clubs that switched from topless, to full nudity, to salsa, on a rotating basis. After 2 1/5 years living there-to avoid comparisons to Flashdance and a coked up neighbor, she moved from her spacious 1200 square foot studio, gave up sculpting and her foundry job, and started making jewelry in her new tiny apartment.

The idea behind Bittersweets NY is making something exquisite out of the everyday objects and designs that are taken for granted. Why reinvent the wheel? The first project, Bloodlust Princess, was a matching necklace, beltbuckle, tiara and mini ashtray set based on the design of the dollar store Vampire Teeth available once a year for Halloween. Of the four items from the orignal set, the Classic Vamp Necklace, now cast in solid sterling silver, is still in production. The sterling silver Heart n Dagger was inspired by true love, of course. And the Maggot and Earthworm series stay within the ideology of borrowing a design from another tried and true source…nature. Bittersweets New York opened a retail shop on Broadway in Brooklyn. There you can find all sorts of bittersweet surprises including one of a kind pieces. Stop in, if you dare

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