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Shobha Hair Removal

When I was on my belated honeymoon and we were on our third stop New York. Before we flew to Antigua, I decided I needed my bikini and legs waxing. A little research on the internet and I came across Shobha. I booked into the Shobha Madison branch. There was a little confusion over my appointment, however I was rescheduled in immediately for the next day.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the treatment or the service. There’s no room for being shy - it’s skirt and panties off. My amazing therapist Manju was brilliant. She explained what she was doing as well as why, as she went along. Why they used sugaring and the benefits. I have to admit sugaring is a hell of a lot less painful that normal waxing.

Bikini line

The electric trimmer came out first, to tidy up what wouldn’t be waxed. Manju then waxed everything else, and I mean everything else! She then used the threading technique to get rid of the smallest hairs. She applied lotion, then a cold cloth to reduce the redness and stop the pain. A cream was applied to help reduce any rash forming. All good so far. Shock horror she then handed me a mirror so I could inspect her handiwork. I have to say it did throw me a little, well actually a lot, as it wasn’t really the hairdressers. But hey, in New York do what the New Yorkers do - lay back and go with the flow.


My legs were less painful and a hell of a lot quicker. The reason sugaring is used is that the sugar mixture only sticks to the hair not the skin, so so much kinder on the skin. No ripping of skin at all. No mirror this time, just lovely smooth legs.

I was so pleased I gave Manju the full 20% tip, and made the suggestion to the receptionist that Shobha looks at moving to London. If you read this Shobha, you’d be huge over here. Thanks for a lovely, if slightly painful treatment, and I’ve been telling everyone I know to visit you when they’re next in New York.

The below is extracted from the Shobha website, which you’ll find at the bottom of this page.


Based on the ancient philosophies of South Asian beauty, Shobha Tummala, Founder and Creative Director of Shobha, has created a luxuriously exotic and intimate environment where both women and men can indulge in the centuries-old methods of hair removal practiced in India.

Created to provide the most natural approach to beauty, the menu of services at Shobha SoHo and Shobha Madison include threading, sugaring and henna. Threading is an artistic technique used to painlessly remove facial hair and achieve a precise, defined eyebrow shape. For even the most sensitive of skin, sugaring is a gentler form of waxing for the body, achieved with Shobha’s exclusive gel made from sugar, water and fresh lemon juice.

Shobha continues the Ayurvedic beauty customs of South Asia with a range of signature lifestyle products dedicated to fulfilling a harmony between the body, mind and spirit. This unique line has been designed to incorporate India’s ancient beauty and well-being rituals into today’s modern lifestyle, including luxurious face and body products inspired by the botanical remedies of India, exotically rich aromatic candles, and traditional Masala Indian chais.

Shobha is renowned for its expert cosmetologists and knowledgeable customer service staff, all who have been trained specifically to ensure that clients receive the most impeccable and luxurious service possible.

Founder, Shobha Tummala

Summers in India taught Shobha Tummala, a Michigan-native, the secrets of South Asian beauty, including the centuries-old methods used for hair removal. Today, she is the Founder and Creative Director of Shobha, overseeing two salons where both men and women can indulge in the beauty traditions of her Indian heritage, right in the heart of Manhattan.

Spending summers with her grandmother in the city of Hyderabad, Shobha was immersed in India’s natural and spiritual beauty culture. “My grandmother made all my beauty products herself,” says Shobha. “Hair conditioner was created from crushed hibiscus petals picked from a tree in our backyard; soap from a mixture of shaved sandalwood and lentils. Moisturizer was just the cream from fresh milk.”

Upon returning to her grandmother’s each summer, she was scolded for not maintaining the traditional personal care she was taught between visits. “My grandmother could tell if I had been using store-bought products from the color and texture of my skin and hair—it was unbelievable!” says Shobha.

It is also in India where Shobha experienced the benefits of threading, the customary way to remove facial hair. The painless efficiency and precise definition that threading afforded made Shobha swear off wax, until she returned to the US and found there was no one in her area that threaded. Thus, the idea of Shobha was inspired.

In March of 2002, Shobha opened her flagship salon, Shobha SoHo. “I wanted to create an environment where both women and men could benefit from the beauty secrets I grew up with, in an exotic yet familiar ambiance that reflects my origins,” says Shobha. In addition to threading, the salon also offers sugaring, an all-natural gel made from the fusion of melted sugar and lemon juice, which is used to remove hair from the body.

In October of 2003, Shobha opened Shobha Madison, to cater to her uptown clientele that had been traveling downtown to the SoHo location.

Shobha is dedicated to empowering women through employment and education, and is committed to various philanthropic organizations that support a range of women’s causes.

Shobha Tummala is a graduate of Harvard Business School, with a Masters in Business Administration. She has also achieved a Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University.

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