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Day 41 - Holistic Driving

brainThe a2om academy takes a holistic approach to life behind the wheel. Pupils fill out a psychometric test online, then a programme is individually tailored to suit their behavioural needs. Simulators test responses in risky situations. Pupils keep driving diaries, have e-lectures and take lessons in dual-control Audi A3. There is also vital post-test mentoring.


Full Course - Delivered at home and/or at School or University

A complete driver education programme for novices encompassing in car, online and in class lessons, the DSA theory and practical test and a post test mentoring programme that delivers post test motorway, night time and adverse weather training. From an initial psychometric evaluation a bespoke curriculum is prepared for each student ensuring that upon graduation from the academy not only will they be safer drivers but also have a more detailed and thorough sense of the road and the issues drivers inevitably encounter whilst driving.

Graduation from this course offers life membership of The a2om mo2a Club, as well as Royal and SunAlliance insurance discounts that would save approximately £1000 per annum on own name insurance for the first three years.

£2,500 inc. if paid in advance, or a £300 deposit followed by 11 instalments of £210.00 (£2610. inc. in total)

Post Test Course - Delivered at home and/or at School or University

A course dealing with all aspects of road driving and driver behaviour post test when for the first time the newly qualified driver is alone at the wheel. Using online and in car lessons this programme covers key crash risk scenarios and develops coping strategies. Designed to build upon technical skill proficiency the post test course aims to mature the driver’s attitude to the road and increase overall awareness and responsibility.

£1750 inc.

Conversion course

Now available to those who have already started the process of learning to drive or have already taken and failed a DSA test. These courses are priced on the basis of an assessed drive with one of their Senior Educators.

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