Posted by: London UK | November 8, 2007

Day 47 - Flights of Fancy

feathersFeathers feature prominently on the elegant evening purses by Michael Teperson, the new Milan-based handbag designer. “They are very complicated to make and have to be done beautifully, otherwise they end up looking like pencil cases,” jokes Teperson, referring to the luxury evening bags that he produces in a specialist factory away from the fashion fray in Palermo, Sicily. One of the most popular styles is Flute, an opera bag fashioned in satin, lined with suede and graced with an opulent plume of elegant ostrich feathers.

“Feathers are one of the earliest and most primal forms of human decoration, and their exotic nature has always added a sensualquality, so it is no wonder feathers feature so prominently in the world of burlesque,” explains the designer whose bags sell for upwards of £320. “Feathers also blend innocence with sexuality and this would have appealed to the Victorians. For me, the sheer glamour is both a challenge and a joy to work with.”

Fixing feathers to Teperson’s bags is a complicated process. Feathers are plucked from geese or ostriches and hand glued to bags by women in Tuscany.

£483 from Harrods +44 207 730 1234

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