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Day 53 - Ilex Aquifolium

Holly Tree

Or in other words…… a Holly Tree

A bag of Holly leaves and berries carried by a man was thought to increase his attractiveness to women.

The Holly Tree is a symbol of winter in both Pagan and Christian lore and is associated with death and rebirth. Holly was hung and planted around the home as a protection from evil spirits and is still used today as a decoration throughout Christmas time.

Holly was often used in spells associated with sleep and thought to aid rest.

The Holly Tree is native to the UK and makes an excellent Christmas gift.

Tree supplied is 20-40cm tall.

£24.50 from TREE2MYDOOR

More information about Holly Tree

Native throughout the British Isles, it grows to around 65ft (20m) if left untrimmed.

It forms an excellent evergreen hedge, growing everywhere except on wet soils. It will generally tolerate conditions that would be too harsh for other trees.

The wood is used for carving, inlay work and woodcuts.

Birds feast on the berries in winter providing for a pre Christmas race with those of us wishing to decorate their homes.

The plants are single sex with only female trees bearing berries.

A mix of male and female plants is therefore required to obtain winter berries.

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