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Tales On Moon Lane

Tales On Moon LaneWelcome to “Tales On Moon Lane, The Children’s Bookshop”! Tales On Moon Lane specialise in children’s books. They are situated on Princess Road, London just north of Regent’s Park. Selling books for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. As well as all the classics, such as Narnia and Beatrix Potter, they also sell books by modern authors such as JK Rowling and Philip Pullman.

Tales On Moon Lane

9 Princess Road

London, NW1 8JN

Tel: 020 7722 1800

Posted by: London UK | February 20, 2008


Carolina BucciThe watermelon pendant £2,820 from Caroline Bucci’s Tropicalia collection looks good enough to eat.

It is made of 18ct yellow gold and adorned with rubies, pink sapphires and white, green and black diamonds.

Posted by: London UK | February 19, 2008

Trainer To The Stars

Brendan McCarthyAlways longed for lean long legs, or the chest of adonis look no further than Brendan McCarthy, trainer to the stars.

Brendan will get you the results you want to see and others to see.

+44 7904 424968

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PapabubblePapabubble love making things out of sugar, water and glucose. The ultimate in candy makers.

In their stores you can watch them work, ask questions, smell and taste.

Find them in Barcelona, New York and Tokyo

Posted by: London UK | February 11, 2008

Violets As Never Seen Before

Violet Jelly, no.52Fortnum & Mason’s sell a wonderful Violet Jelly, with the delicate flavour of violets. Perfect as an accomplishment to toast or teacakes.

Priced at £5.25 for a 227g jar

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Pamper Offer

Neals YardWe’ve known about this offer for quite a while, and have taken advantage of it time and time again. Neal’s Yard Remedies have a therapy room in Covent Garden, London, where every Sunday all treatments on offer that day are at a much reduced £30. Treat yourself to a massage, reflexology or accupunture.

Tel +4420 7379 7662

Posted by: London UK | February 5, 2008

Lighter Than Air

MacBook AirUltra thin, portable and unlike anything else!

The Mac Book Air is a beautiful creation from those constant trendsetters Apple. This has to be top of anyone’s gift wish list!

From £1,199 from Apple

Posted by: London UK | February 3, 2008

Made With Love

Create a unique nursery with the Mamas & Papas new “Made With Love” range. Individually designed pieces, the luxurious mixture of fabrics, hand quilting and colour will bring any nursery to life.

Posted by: London UK | January 29, 2008

One In A Thousand

CLIVE CHRISTIANUnconventional and unusual, the exotic ‘X’ perfumes have been created by Clive Christian with some of the most powerful aphrodisiac ingredients known to mankind.

Only 1000 bottles for women and 1000 bottles for men have been released worldwide.

Posted by: London UK | December 17, 2007

Day 8 - Beautiful Roses

Rose Petal Jelly, no.15Fortnum’s.

Priced at £8.95 for a 227g jar

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